2.1 Security Mortise Locks

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Single Point Secrity Mortise Lock

R100B Single Point Security Lock


Included escutcheon E300L

R101B Single Point Security Lock-Dead bolt only


Included escutcheon E300L

Single point security mortise lock

Description Backset Finish Item Code
TESA Single Point Security Mortise Lock 50 Gold Enamelled R100B5SCE
TESA Single Point Security Mortise Lock-Dead Bolt only 50 Gold Enamelled R101B5SCE

Cylinder & Lever handles to order separately

TLB Multipoint Security Lock

TLB Series

  • Circular roller bolts in the main lock. ( Ø14mm. diameter).
  • Plane edge roller bolts in auxiliary locks
  • Mechanisms protected in galvanized steel closed cases.
  • Floor & Top jamb locking bolts in hardened steel ( TLB5).
  • Steel made Floor & Top jamb strikes. Floor strike includes dust proof lid.
  • “U” profile steel faceplate provides great strength and is ideal for Fire Doors.
  • Auxiliary locks mechanisms provided with anti-return system.
  • Full size strikeplates are 40mm. width. Optional 35mm and 45mm. width also available.

Standard height is 2.028mm. Optionally, 2035mm. height is also available.

  • Standard faceplate has a 20x10mm. profile. Faceplates with a 20mmx7.5mm. profile can be ordered

Optionally in T2B3,TLB3,T2B5,TLB5 series locks.

  • It is also possible to include the EMB 700 scratch-saver escut-cheon rose.


E700L Security Escutcheon Included

“U” profile forend

Multi Point Security Mortise Lock

Description Backset Finish Item Code
TESA Multi Point Security Mortise Lock 50 Gold Enamelled TLB35SCLE

Cylinder, Cylinder covers & Lever handles to order separately.

TAB auto dead bold multipoint lock

  • Auxiliary lock are automatically projected. When the door is closed, all the time 3 points working, the

Latch bolt and two auxiliary locks.

  • From the interior side, when the handle is activated, two auxiliary locks and the latch bolt are withdraw.

From the exterior part, the cylinder is used for the same function.

  • Form more security the 4 central rollers bolts can be activated with the cylinder and they are completely

Independent, and they ant saw rotation movement.


  • When the door is closed, hooks are automatically activated, to hamper the intrusion.
  • Is compatible with other TESA products. Door protection is complete when cylinder and escutcheon

Are mounted.

  • Is accurate for new doors or to replacement doors. (Compatible with TLB3, T2B3)

Thecnical features:

  • 4 roller bolts in the central point. Roller bolts have and anti-saw rotationalsystem. 14mm diameter and

Nickel plated.

  • Automatically activated auxiliary 2 locks. Constantily 3 points activated, 2 auxiliary locks and latch bolt.
  • All the locking points are independent.
  • Central locking point is activated manually with the cylinder.
  • Backset 50, 60 mm.
  • Distance between axis: 85mm.
  • Finishes: AC, AE. Stainless Steel
  • E700 Escutcheon.
  • High security double clutch T60 cylinder.
  • Steel material base in front plate and strike.
  • Strike wide: 40 , 45 mm.


E700 Security Escutcheon Included

Multi Point Security Mortise Lock-Automatic Dead Lock

Description Backset Finish Item Code
TESA Multi Point Security Mortise Lock-automatic


50 Gold Enamelled TLB35SCLE

Cylinder & lever handles to order separately.

TMB motorized multipoint lock

  • Automatic locking of the high and low points by anti-lever hooks: the door remains protected by the

High and low points and also by the latch.

  • The door is opened from the inside by the handle, from the outside by the mechanical key or an electric

Signal (dual key, proximity card, remote control, etc.) depending on each specific credential ( the latch

And the high and low points are automatically removed).

  • The middle point, with four anti-saw bolts, can be key-locked as an additional security measure. The

Key-locking of the middle bolts prevents any openings by remote control (service function).

  • In case of a power cut, there is always the chance of mechanically opening/blocking the lock with the


Anti-intrusion security

  • When the door is locked, the hooks remain blocked, which prevents it from being leveraged.
  • Compatible with other TESA products: a cylinder and a suitable security escutcheon complement the

door’s protection.

  • Apt for both new doors and replacements.

Technical features

  • Central bolt lock. Four anti-saw bolts in nickel-plated steel, diameter: 14mm.
  • Automatic auxiliary locks for hooks. Three locking points active at all times.
  • Independent locking points.
  • A manual cylinder activates the bolts on the central lock.
  • Inltes: 50 and 60 mm.
  • Distance between shafts: 85 mm.
  • Finishes: AE, AC, Inox (Stainless).
  • E700 escutcheon with anti-drill plate.
  • T60 DS high security cylinder. Double clutch.
  • Basic raw material for the front and strike: steel.
  • Long strike: 40, 45 mm.
  • Power supply: 12V DC
  • Maximum consumption: 550 mA

E700 Security Esutcheon Included

TMB Motorised Multipoint Lock

Description Backset Finish Item Code
TESA Motorized Multipoint Lock 50 Gold Enamelled TMB35SCLE

Cylinder & lever handles to order separatel.

TMB motorized multipoint lock

Connection Diagram



Operating voltage

12 VDC (-10% / +15%)


Max. 550 mA (12 VDC)

Mfn. 200 mA (12 VDC)

Minimum recommended connection wire: 0,14 mm-section.

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Security has become one of the main issues for modern daily environment.


Security has become one of the main issues for modern daily environment.


Security has become one of the main issues for modern daily environment.


Security has become one of the main issues for modern daily environment.
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